coolest koala token is here!

KLUB is community-driven innovative meme token on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Our token is fully governed and owned by the community. Every decision of KLUB is decided by the community.

About us

Owned by the community, governed by the community!

KLUB is ownerless and fully governed by KLUB Government, Every KLUB holder have voting power to decide about KLUB future.

In the crypto space trust is paramount, we believe transparency is key to succeed. Our Team fully doxxed with Linkedin, Video and KYC. Project spend log and Project Contract and codes accessible to everyone.

why hold klub?

KLUB is a deflationary token with only 5B supply with rewards. Every quarter we buy back tokens and burn them to reduce supply. In addition to being a deflationary meme token, Fenny aims to bring more value with the following things:

KLUB Holders can earn up to five reward tokens as dividends for holding KLUB. These Tokens are Preselected each month with community voting through DAO and distributed on daily basis. Each day there will be a new token as a reward from preselected tokens. 

KLUB has its own DAO to govern the KLUB token, this makes KLUB more decentralised and community-friendly than any other token. Every decision is decided by DAO. 

To avoid scams and get scammed by scammers, we are launching a service where investors can find quality projects reviewed by developers, influencers and also verified by multiple measures; and also a platform where project owners connect with influencers and more.

KLUB is working on a social media platform where users can earn KLUB tokens for using our platform. Platform users can tip their favourite artists and content creators with KLUB Token. 


KLUB in numbers

KLUB tokenomics are designed with long-term value creation in mind. We believe that great things take time to build properly and that success will require long-term commitment from the team. This is reflected in the tokenomics here below

Buy tax

6% Forever

2% Rewards

2% Marketing

2% LP



sell tax

14% Forever

5% Rewards

4% Marketing

4% LP

1% Buyback and burn





5 Billion supply

*There is anti-whale festure enabled and our smart contract is hard coded.


Phase 1



Smart Contract

Private Round


Telegram and Twitter promo

Phase 2


NFT preview

 Listed on CMC & CG

List on coin voting sites

Website (V2)

Whitepaper (v2)

Marketing push to spread awareness

Phase 3

Setting up DAO

NFT Mint

NFT Staking

Social media app preview

Marketng platform intoduction

CEX Listing

Phase 4

Marketing Platform Launch

Social Media Launch

Merchendise Launch

new here?
buying klub is too easy

Step 1: Download Metamask or Trust Wallet

You can download the Metamask app here or Trust Wallet app here. You can also use Metamask on desktop but you need to use Google Chrome and download this extension.

You can also use any other Bep20 compatible wallet in which you own the private keys.

Do not send to an exchange wallet unless FENNY is officially listed on that exchange and has a deposit address.

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Cryptocurrencies and tokens are often on different networks known as blockchains. 

Since the KLUB token is on Binance Smart Chain you will need to connect your wallet to the Smart Chain if it isn’t already. 

It is pretty quick and easy, anyone can do it following some simple instructions.

Connect Trust Wallet to Smart Chain
Connect Metamask to Smart Chain

Step 3: Get BNB

Before you can actually buy any token on the Smart Chain you must first send some BNB to your wallet. You can send BNB from another wallet including exchange wallets like Binance. It is recommended that you have a Binance account if you don’t already as it can come in handy for things like this. 
Binance website - Binance App

BNB is needed because every transaction on Smart Chain uses BNB to pay a very small gas fee. You will see the gas fee details when you confirm the transaction in your wallet.

You do not need to pay gas fees when buying a token from a centralized exchange like Binance, you only do on a Decentralized exchange (DEX) like Pancake Swap. Remember you can actually swap any Bep20 token for another. So you can swap KLUB into any other Bep20 token on Pancake Swap at any time.

Just remember you always need a little BNB for gas fees.

Step 4: Buy Klub

Now you have BNB in your wallet you can buy Fenny. 

Before you try to buy you must click the settings button and change the slippage to 11%. This is because KLUB comes with 10% sales tax as mentioned in the tokenomics section. The transaction may not work without this.

Here is a little more info on how to use Pancake Swap.
Pancake Swap guide

One you have bought KLUB you will need to manually add the token to your wallet so that you can see it in there.

Add token to Trust Wallet guide

Add token to Metamask guide

Great, now you have KLUB in your wallet.

investing in crypto, including KLUB (the Token) is high risk and the value of your investments can go down as well as up. The purchase of cryptocurrencies is not legal in all countries/states. Please take legal/tax advice before considering any investment. Nothing stated on this website or on any content produced by us should be considered as a recommendation to invest.